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    “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” ~Wayne Gretzky.

    Through the years, we tried numerous apps and online tools while managing dive shops, dive resorts, and charter boats in Canada and the USA. We wasted a lot of time on software and apps we had to discard for not delivering what they promised.


    We hope we can help you save time and improve your productivity with the list of online tools the Business of Diving Institute currently uses.


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  • Website Hosting and Content Management System (CMS)

    • We produced and managed numerous websites with WordPress, but we got tired of jumping through hula-hoops to try to keep it up to date, defend it against hackers, and make all the add-ons work properly together. Nowadays, we use the easiest solution there is: Strikingly (affiliate link). It is what we are using for this website! It takes 30 seconds to do stuff that required 2 hours in WordPress.

    Presentations, Graphics & Branding

    • Perhaps you are using Canva. We used to, until we discovered Visme (affiliate link). It's Canva on steroids! The best tool we have ever used to prepare presentations, graphs, figures, and promotional material. It has a lot of the features of Adobe Photoshop without the nightmares!

    Help With Selling on (Big, Bad) Amazon

    • If you sell on Amazon and share links online, many clients will end up at a dead-end because Amazon has different websites for different regions. The best way for your links to always bring your potential clients to the right place for them: Genius Link (affiliate link).
  • Create better scuba diving graphics for dive shops and scuba businesses

    Wanna make your dive business stand out?

    I'm using this!
    (affiliate link)

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