Latest Scuba Diving Industry Market Data & Statistics, Analyzed by The Business of Diving Institute

A press release by the Business of Diving Institute

MIAMI, JULY 20, 2021 – The Business of Diving Institute (BODI) is continuing on its mission to provide scuba diving market data, information, and statistics to dive professionals worldwide.

Recently, the Business of Diving Institute provided three new pieces of information.

First, Scubanomics and InDepth magazine published the results from the survey on the “economics” of being a dive instructor. Is it possible to make a living as a recreational scuba diving instructor? What are realistic salary expectations? Is it a good investment of time and money? What are dive instructors’ aspirations? With how many dive training agencies are they affiliated.

Second, BODI analyzed and summarized a whole lot of reliable, unreliable, and fake (there’s plenty of that) dive industry market studies to try to determine the size of the dive industry. Dive equipment, scuba certifications, and dive travel. USA, Europe, and worldwide.

Third, BODI continued to keep an eye on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the dive industry and released the following scuba diving market data:

  • Final numbers on dive gear sales in the USA in 2020
  • Entry-level dive certifications in the first 3 months of 2021

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Source: Darcy Kieran