• What is the size of the scuba diving industry?

    Finally! There is an answer to that.

  • Global Scuba Dive Gear Market Data

    Review: "Best Information I Have Seen of The Industry"

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    "Best information I have seen of the industry. The author gives comparative data derived from multiple sources, discusses all in context, and even challenges some of the data sources that didn't make sense and then offers what some of the numbers should be based upon other references he cites. My business is in manufacturing a single scuba-related item, and this book is very helpful." ~JDM

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  • What is the size of the dive industry?


    Dive industry market data is hard to find. Some scuba statistics are publicly available, but most financial and market information is hidden.


    We did an extensive search to identify available and reliable market and economic data sources on the scuba diving industry. We summarized it for you, and we analyzed it to determine the size of the scuba diving industry, including the scuba diving equipment market size. It is like a gigantic 3D math puzzle!


    On top of our own Business of Diving Institute surveys, we reviewed data from numerous sources, including OIA, BEA, DEMA, SFIA, U.S. Census Bureau, TIV Germany, RSTC Europe, Scubapro, Mares, SSI, Beuchat, Aqua Lung, BWMG, Shearwater, and PADI.


    These are the most official unofficial numbers for the scuba diving industry!


    Get Scuba Diving Industry Market Size & Statistics: 2021 Edition in print or for Kindle (affiliate links).

  • What is the size of the scuba diving industry? Book for dive professionals.

    Scuba Diving Industry Market Size & Statistics: 2021 Edition

    Finally! A scuba diving market report on the dive industry size.
    Dive equipment, scuba certifications & dive travel.
    USA, Europe & worldwide.


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  • What is this book about? A note from the author.


    A Google search on "dive industry market data" provides a long list of scuba diving industry market studies. Most of them are priced between $3,000 and $5,000, and they are, for the most part, a scam.


    There is a market for these fake reports, especially with universities buying them for their students and researchers. But I have also come across scuba diving professionals having wasted money on these ridiculous scuba market reports.

    More info: Warning: Fake Scuba Diving Industry Statistics and Market Research. Be wary of rosy dive industry market data reports.


    Once you buy and look at one of these reports, anybody with a bit of knowledge of the dive industry can spot how ridiculous these scuba market studies are, especially those about the diving equipment market size and shares. Their categories of products don't even make sense!


    Furthermore, if you click through and check the websites where these scuba diving market reports are announced, you will notice that these pseudo-research companies seem to have infinite knowledge about everything! There is a market report for everything but the kitchen sink!


    What is even more astonishing about these pseudo-market reports is that every single industry is always booming, forever and ever. I suspect that it is easier to sell a positive outlook.

    But these scammers are really, really good at one thing: SEO. Their fake scuba diving industry market research reports always show pretty high in search engine results. I guess they can afford to invest in SEO since they invested nothing in the report itself! There are plenty of random number generator applications online!


    I hope that publishing this report on the Scuba Diving Industry Market Size & Statistics at the cost of a 2-tank dive will prevent some universities and dive industry professionals from sending thousands of dollars to scammers.


    This book does NOT provide all the answers you want – or I want – because I didn't "makeup numbers". I only looked at what was available, did some Scubanomics research of my own, and summarized what we know as mostly and probably reliable.

    Please provide me with your feedback. I hope to improve this summary on the size of the scuba diving industry, year over year.

    I am also looking for sponsors or partners to proceed with scuba market studies, country by country, to improve the precision and reliability of the dive industry market data. Please contact me on LinkedIn or here.

    Let’s imagine that running a business is like sailing. It’s hard to bring the yacht to port in a storm while being blindfolded with no GPS. But that is precisely how it is to manage a dive business, currently, with a serious lack of scuba diving industry market statistics.

    Let's work together to bring the dive industry to the next level!

    Thanks for your support,


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