All Logbooks for Scuba Divers, Divemasters & Dive Instructors

Scuba Diving Logbooks for Scuba Divers, Divemasters & Dive Instructors

The Best Scuba Diver Log Books!

…because they are much more than just logbooks!

The Best STARTER Logbook & Quality Checklists!

The Best ADVANCED Logbook & Quality Checklists

The “Evolved” Scuba Diver Logbook – for extra pages

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Mini-handbooks & scuba diving log books to help you increase safety, improve your skills & have more fun!

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Quality Checklists

Criteria and checklists for a safe and fun scuba diving experience.

How to select a scuba diver log book for quality

Specifically for Entry-Level Open-Water Divers...

SPF Scuba Diving Starter Logbook & Quick-Reference Checklists

Criteria for Selecting Instructors & Dive Centers, Self-Debriefing, Buoyancy Mastery, Open Water Diver Course Costing & Scuba Diver Creed

Specifically for Certified Scuba Divers...

SPF Scuba Diving Advanced Logbook & Checklists for Certified Divers, Divemasters & Instructors

Criteria for Selecting Dive Centers & Instructors, Buoyancy & Trim Mastery, Self-Debriefing & Scuba Diver Creed

Additional Scuba Diver Log Book Pages...

The EVOLVED Scuba Diver Logbook

You’ve found it! The Ultimate Diver Log Book!

Just the log pages from the Advanced Logbook, without the checklists. And a cool cover: scuba diving is the normal evolution of humankind – from fish to scuba diver!