• Your Career and/or Life as a Scuba Diving Instructor

    How to make a good living out of your passion for scuba diving.

  • Scuba Diving Instructor Career & Job Training

    Review: "An important book every current and would-be dive professional should read."

    "This book should be required reading for anyone thinking about becoming a scuba instructor. In fact, even if you’ve been a scuba instructor for over half a century, like me, you still should read it.

    It’s a comprehensive and brutally honest discussion of just about every issue imaginable affecting dive professionals, which makes it unlike any other book out there. And although Darcy’s unabashed honesty certainly won’t endear him to some diver training agencies and some other industry elites, this is exact why the book is such an excellent resource—it tells the truth: To grow, the dive industry needs a completely different business model.

    The chapter, “TEACHING FOR SUCCESS” I think is especially masterful. Frankly, I stopped teaching recreational divers and instructors a long time ago, but I still teach course in sustainable tourism and marine environmental education to dive professionals, and portions of this book will become part of my curriculum. Keep ‘em coming, Darcy, we need more like you speaking truth to power." ~Alex Brylske

    Editorial: "The most valuable book you can read."

    "I want to stress must read. I’m serious when I say that this will be one of the most eye opening books about being a dive professional that you’ll ever read. And, it will also be the most valuable book you can read as it pertains to the business side of diving – specifically how to make money and enjoy life by being a dive professional." ~Tec Clark

    Scuba Diving Instructor Career & Job Training

    Review: "Honest insight into the SCUBA industry's dysfunctional and outdated business model."

    "The SCUBA industry has many disparate stakeholders, resulting in an incredibly fragmented business. As a consequence, the customer experience is inconsistent. This book provides an honest and compelling insight into the business and sets the foundation for much needed disruption to the model..." ~Lee Byrd

  • Scuba dive instructor job and career management

    Your Career and/or Life as a Scuba Diving Instructor

    How to make a good living
    out of your passion
    for scuba diving.


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  • Your Career and/or Life as a Scuba Diving Instructor

    Tired of working “9 to 5” and considering “living the dream” as a scuba diving instructor traveling from one tropical paradise to the next? It’s possible if you play your cards right. Most instructors don’t, because they “wing it”. They dive headfirst, then check the depth of the pool or even if there is water in it!


    This book is your companion to success as a dive instructor or divemaster, and a valuable reference book for dive store and scuba diving resort owners and managers.


    It is focused on providing information, tricks, and advice for scuba divers looking at earning a living in the dive industry. Yet, part-time scuba diving instructors will also find information to make this adventure a better one financially, be much safer, have more fun, and be more fulfilling.


    This book is about going beyond being “a” professional to being professional and successful.


    It won’t give you an MBA or any other kind of business degree, nor make you a dive instructor! This book is about helping you merge scuba diving, career management, and business management to identify a path leading you to “living the dream” while simultaneously making enough money to live.


    It is also about “raising the bar” in the scuba diving industry to put us on a path to growth.


    It is best to read this book before starting your scuba diving instructor course but already certified dive instructors will also find plenty of food for thoughts and ideas for growth post-COVID-19 pandemic.


    Have a look at the comprehensive table of content below on this page!


    Get Your Career and/or Life as a Scuba Diving Instructor in print or for Kindle (affiliate links).

  • Table of Content: Your Career and/or Life as a Scuba Diving Instructor

    A career management book for scuba dive instructors and divemasters looking for a good job or a good living in the dive industry. A reference book for dive store owners and scuba diving resort managers.


    Have a look at the comprehensive table of content:



      1. A Backstory That Says It All
      2. The Good About Being a Dive Instructor
      3. The Bad About Being a Dive Instructor
      4. Remuneration Expectations
      5. Instructors As Tour Guides
      6. Being Professional & Being A Professional
      7. The Prerequisites
      8. Formula For Success: R=(K+S)*A
      9. What Skills Do I Need To Develop?
      10. Is it for me? Do I have what it takes?
      11. Your Toolbox For Success
      1. The 6 Businesses Inside a Dive Center
      2. The Size of The Dive Industry
      3. The Outdoor Industry
      4. The Adventure Travel Industry
      5. The Dive Industry Stakeholders
      6. The Different Kinds of Dive Centers
      7. The Current Dive Industry Business Model
      8. Noticeable Dive Industry Trends
      9. The Future of The Dive Industry: An Octopus Strategy
      10. The Future of The Dive Industry: What It Means For Your Career
      1. Customer Experience & Satisfaction
      2. Expectations
      3. Socio-Demographic Profiles of Scuba Divers
      4. Participation Rates: Core & Casual Divers
      5. Diver Retention, Drop Out Rate, and Quality
      6. Providing Services to Different Generations
      7. Providing Services to Kids
      8. Providing Services to Women & The Sex Appeal
      1. Your Level of Dive Skills
      2. From Zero to Hero: How much?
      3. From Zero to Hero: How long?
      4. Which Training Agency?
      5. Which Dive Center or Instructor?
      6. Instructor Courses & Internships
      7. Specialized Diving Skills
      8. Tech Diving Skills
      9. Freediving Skills
      10. Snorkeling SkillsTankless Diving Skills
      1. Teaching vs. Issuing C-Cards
      2. What To Do Once You Have An Instructor Card
      3. How To Teach the OW Course Alone
      4. Teaching The OW Course vs. Creating Divers
      5. About Providing Scuba Try-outs or Discover Scuba Diving (DSDs)
      6. Prep Sessions
      7. Using Online Learning
      8. Gearing Up For Success: The Store Uniform
      9. Gearing Up For Success: Your Dive Gear
      10. Gearing Up For Success: Their Dive Gear & Rental Gear
      11. Computers & Dive Tables
      12. The Mask Issue
      13. The Snorkel Dilemma
      14. Dealing With a Panic Diver or a Bad Experience
      15. The Teaching Environment
      16. Visualize This!
      17. Instructor Trainer: To be or not to be?
      1. Dive Industry Brands
      2. Your Brand
      3. Location, Location, Location
      4. Pricing
      5. Specialization & Niches
      6. A New Client vs. A Repeat Client
      7. Competitors, Partners & Communities
      1. Rule Number One: Always Hold Your Breath
      2. The Selling Steps
      3. Product Knowledge
      4. Dealing With An Unsatisfied Client-Diver
      5. The Pre-Skill Briefing Format
      6. Positive Reinforcement
      7. Scuba Diving Lingo
      8. Answer the phone!
      9. Preferred Mode of Communication
      10. Website & Social Media
      11. Facebook Ads
      12. Google
      1. The Environment
      2. The ROI of Your Instructor Skills & Assets
      3. Costing of Your Services
      4. Independent Instructor vs. Dive Center Staff
      5. Employee or Contractual?
      6. What to Negotiate With Your Employer
      7. How To Select The Right Dive Center & Job
      8. Tips or No Tips
      9. Buying or Opening a Dive Center
      10. Alternative Employment in The Dive Industry
      1. The Buck Stops Here
      2. Liability & Liability Releases
      3. Teaching Defensively
      4. Normalization of Deviance vs. A Culture of Safety
      5. The God Complex
      6. Peer & Mentor Pressure
      7. Say No When No is The Answer
      8. Checklists, Drills & Habits
      9. Plan Your Dive & Dive Your Plan
      10. Briefings & Emergency Readiness
      11. No Divers Left Behind
      12. DAN
      13. Where is the O2?
      14. The Bends
      15. Where is this air from?
      16. Cylinder Fills & Handling
      17. Hygiene & Wetsuits
      18. Diver Control & Assistants
      19. Your Own Health & Safety

    Appendix: The Economics of Being a Dive Instructor - Survey Results


    Additional information and references for those who have read the book.

  • Your Career and/or Life as a Scuba Diving Instructor


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