• Recommended Books for The Scuba Diving Professional

    Marketing, strategy & business management reference books used in Scubanomics articles.

  • Recommended Marketing & Business Management Books

    “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins” ~Benjamin Franklin.

    How can we make a good living out of our passion for scuba diving? We have to go beyond the ‘passion’ to master our business skills and knowledge.

    Some scuba diving instructors and dive center owners have asked us for reference material to dig further into discussions and analysis started on Scubanomics.

    For your convenience, here is a list of marketing and business management books we have used in numerous Scubanomics articles for the dive industry.


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  • Dive Industry Global Market Size Information

    Dive Professional Career Management

    A Blue Ocean Strategy for The Scuba Diving Industry

    In the dive industry nowadays, we keep on competing, but we are not growing. Perhaps it’s time to make a blue ocean shift! We’ve had that discussion here: A Blue Ocean Strategy in The Scuba Diving Industry.


    Other Business Management Books for Dive Professionals

    Let’s start with the following readings.

    About Thinking Outside the Box…

    These are books we suggest to develop our abilities to ‘think outside the box.’ We are in dire need of innovation in the scuba diving industry, and these are inspiring stories.

    Surface Intervals

    It's a bit off-topic, but... When you have been on a surface interval for too long, and you urgently need to pretend you are underwater, we have a list of recommended scuba diving novels.

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