2023 Trends & 2024 Forecast for Dive Industry-Specialized Media

The Dive Industry-Specialized Media: How Are They Doing?

Trends in subscribers, distribution, traffic, ad sales & profitability.

This 2024 dive industry market report is part of a series of eight scuba diving industry market reports from the annual State of The Dive Industry survey.

In early 2024, the Business of Diving Institute conducted the second annual State Of The Industry (SOTI) survey of the dive industry in collaboration with InDEPTH Magazine. We looked at 2023 results for dive certifications, scuba diving equipment sales, and dive travel compared to the prior year. We also surveyed expectations and forecasts for 2024.

We extend a special thank you to all those of you who participated in this effort to help the dive industry with more readily available market data. Considering the positive response and extensive participation, we intend to make it an annual study to be executed in January.

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Benchmarking Dive Industry-Specialized Media

As part of the State of The Dive Industry (SOTI) study we conducted earlier this year, we surveyed dive-specialized media, which includes printed and online publications, whether written, oral, or audio-visual.

76% of respondents in the dive media category owned or co-owned the media while the rest were staff. 

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Scuba diving industry market size report

Sales Revenues & Profitability of Dive-Specialized Media

You will find the results for 2022 and 2023 below, as well as the forecasting trends for 2024.

Overall, dive industry-specialized media did well in the last two years except for print publications. And the sector was very optimistic about 2024.

The percentages in the graphs below indicate how many survey respondents reported or forecasted a decrease, flat, or increase in revenues or profits.

The green columns represent the actual results (2022 & 2023), while the orange-brown columns represent the forecasts (2023 & 2024). Both columns for 2023 are wrapped by a black dotted line to facilitate comparisons between projections and actual results.

Trends in Dive Media Ad Revenues
Trends in Dive Media Profits

Trends in The Reach of Dive Industry-Specialized Media:

Trends in Scuba Diving Media Traffic
Trends in Scuba Diving Magazines Print Distribution
Trends in Dive Media Subscribers

There are eight scuba diving industry market reports prepared from the results of the State Of The Industry (SOTI) survey of the dive industry.

The State of The Dive Industry annual market study is part of a series of scuba diving industry surveys by the Business of Diving Institute in collaboration with InDEPTH Magazine with support from DAN Europe, Shearwater, GUE, and most importantly, YOU! 

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