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    A very special thanks to DAN Europe, Shearwater, and GUE for supporting our market research efforts in collaboration with InDepth magazine.


    Completed & ongoing dive industry surveys are presented below in reverse chronological order (the most recent one is at the top).


    Scuba diving training agencies brand awareness & loyalty

    Dive Training Agencies: Net Promoter Score

    (2023) ONGOING, OPEN TO ALL SCUBA DIVERS. How likely are you to recommend that dive training agency to a friend or colleague? How valuable is the dive training agency brand, really?


    We run this study annually. Check the most recent results on Scubanomics.com.

    Scuba Diving Market Size: Equipment, Training & Tourism

    Scuba Diving Market Size: Equipment, Training & Tourism

    (2023) How Much Scuba Divers Spend Annually on Dive Gear, Travel, Training & Services? We all enjoy a dive with 100 ft/30 m visibility, don’t we? It would also be delightful for dive professionals to have a better understanding of the size of the dive industry. And it is the objective pursued by this worldwide “Market Viz Project” (MVP) for dive gear, training & travel.

    Survey on Sidemount Scuba Diving

    Survey on Sidemount Diving

    (2023) This survey helped us understand how prevalent sidemount diving has become (or not) and who are the divers using a sidemount configuration.

    State of The Scuba Diving Industry - Market Study

    The First ‘State of The Industry’ (SOTI) Study for The Dive Industry

    (2023) A study of worldwide market trends in the dive industry: certifications, gear sales & travel for recreational and technical scuba diving.


    We will be running this market study annually.

    Survey on the Quality of PADI Open Water Diver Course & Others

    Evaluating the Quality of Entry-Level Open-Water Certification Courses

    (2023) How would you rate the quality of your Open Water Diver course? Are open-water divers ready to dive? Evaluating entry-level scuba diving experiences to help the dive industry improve. What is missing in the open-water diver course? Is it better to learn scuba diving at home or on vacation? Is deep diving an essential skill?

    Survey on Dive Industry Business Models

    Dive Industry Business Model & Practices. Are dive centers & instructors equipped to provide a quality experience to scuba divers?

    (2022) We are on a mission to improve the quality of the experience provided to scuba divers while upgrading the working conditions of dive professionals.

    Market Statistics on Scuba Diving Computers

    Dive Computers - Exploratory Survey

    (2022) The goal of this InDepth/Scubanomics survey was to better understand how scuba divers use dive computers, what features are most important, what they are looking for in a dive computer, and how they plan their dives. This dive industry market report differentiated between tech divers and recreational divers.

    The future of closed-circuit rebreathers in scuba diving

    Rebreathers vs. Open-Circuit Scuba Diving

    (2022) Rebreather divers & non-rebreather divers contributed to a better understanding of the potential & limitations of rebreathers ahead of the forthcoming 2023 rebreather forum.

    Survey on safety & close calls while scuba diving

    Close Calls While Scuba Diving

    (2022) The goal of this InDepth/Scubanomics survey was to better understand how often scuba divers encounter "close calls" while scuba diving and how we could learn from sharing these incidents.

    Survey Sustainable Tourism & Scuba Diving

    Sustainable Tourism & Scuba Diving

    (2022) The goal of this InDepth/Scubanomics survey was to better understand scuba divers' relationship to the environment and commitment to sustainable tourism, in preparation for an InDepth article by Dr. Alex Brylske.

    Quality & Safety by Dive Instructors

    Am I a Bad Apple?

    (2022) A self-assessment and introspection by scuba diving instructors about their behavior on the quality and safety fronts. A survey in collaboration with InDepth magazine.

    Survey about panic in scuba diving

    Panicking & Scuba Diving

    (2022) A survey on the causes and remedies of diver panic in collaboration with InDepth, Scubanomics, and Dr. Laura Walton.

    Scuba Diving Equipment Gear Market Data & Report

    Report on The Size of The Scuba Diving Market

    (2021) What is the size of the dive industry? There are no definitive answers to this question because the scuba diving industry suffers from a serious lack of reliable market data. However, we compiled and analyzed the various sources of data currently available to estimate the market size of dive training, scuba diving equipment, and dive travel. Thanks to DAN Europe, GUE & Halcyon for their support on this project.

    The Salaries of Scuba Diving Instructors

    The "Economics" of Being a Dive Instructor

    (2021) Is it possible to make a living as a recreational scuba diving instructor? What to expect financially. Hourly rates. How much to invest in dive gear & scuba training. Differences in dive professionals' income, based on the instructor’s gender, location, training agency affiliation, experience, age, and more. This was a joint effort by Scubanomics & InDepth Magazine.

    Survey of American Population: Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

    Snorkeling & Scuba: Survey of The US Population

    (2021) Scubanomics’ exclusive industry survey on awareness, intent to participate, participation rate, satisfaction, and the dropout rate for scuba diving, snorkeling, and surface-supplied air (tankless) diving.

    Open Water Scuba Diving Certification Data & Market Statistics

    Open Water Scuba Diving Certification Numbers

    (Regularly Updated) How many new entry-level open water divers are certified annually and by quarter in the USA?

    Scuba Diving Participation Rate & Statistics

    Scuba Diving Participation Rate & Statistics

    (Regularly Updated) Scuba diving participation compared to snorkeling, swimming, surfing, and stand-up paddling, including during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Scuba Diver Socio-Demographic Profile

    Scuba Diver Socio-Demographic Profile

    (Regularly Updated) Marketing segmentation of recreational scuba divers. The dive industry participants are not homogeneous.

    Snorkeling Participation Rate & Socio-Demographic Profile of a Snorkeler

    Snorkeling Participation Rate & Socio-Demographic Profile of a Snorkeler

    (Regularly Updated) Who are the snorkelers? How do they differ from scuba divers? Why aren’t they scuba diving?

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    Shearwater Research designs and manufactures computers for all types of divers: air, nitrox, multi-gas trimix, rebreather diving.

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    GUE is a leader in scuba education, having developed many industry-first training protocols and utilizing an elite cast of diving educators.

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    DAN Europe

    DAN Europe assists & protects divers, and conducts scientific research to make diving a safer, more accessible, and sustainable activity for all.