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    Data for Rebreather Forum 4

    Data and surveys for presenters & attendees at Rebreather Forum 4 in Malta on April 20-22, 2023


    For the last two years, InDepth Magazine and the Business of Diving Institute have been collaborating on a series of scuba diving industry surveys to better understand where we stand on crucial dive industry issues, identify workable solutions, increase awareness of opportunities, and fuel discussions among dive professionals.


    We thank the following scuba diving industry leaders for supporting this initiative: Shearwater, DAN Europe, and GUE. Let us know if you would like to sponsor the series by contacting Darcy or Michael. Together we can raise the bar in the dive industry!

    Results From Our 2022 Survey on Rebreather Diving

    Pre-RF4 Survey of Attendees

    An overview of who is in Malta for Rebreather Forum 4 and what their expectations are.

    Post-RF4 Evaluation Survey by Attendees, Presenters, Exhibitors & Sponsors

    Let's evaluate the success of Rebreather Forum 4 in preparation for RF5... Should we wait another 10 years or do we need another forum sooner?

    State of The Industry (SOTI)

    It's our most ambitious project so far, and we need your help to draw a complete and overall picture of the state of the dive industry, including trends in rebreathing diving certifications and rebreather sales. Please take part in the survey!

    New 2023 Rebreather Market Survey

    From the discussions at Rebreather Forum 4 and the results of our 2022 survey, we intend to conduct a second worldwide market survey on rebreathers. Join the panel by subscribing to 'Scubanomics: The Dive Industry Compass' to know when new surveys become available and when results are published.

    Review Other Dive Industry Surveys by InDepth Magazine & The Business of Diving Institute

    Have a look at results & analysis from other dive industry market surveys by InDepth Magazine and The Business of Diving Institute (BODI), or take part in our ongoing surveys. We need your help!



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